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My Village – The Thinker

Interview with Stevie G. by Travis Montez

Stevie trophyTM: You were born, and I believe you grew up in Toledo, Ohio. Tell me about STEVEN G.  FULLWOOD: The Early Years?

SGF: My beginnings: a two-parent, five-sibling, working-class family of seven living, loving, hating, hurting, speaking and sleeping, in a 3-bedroom starter home on Campbell Street in Northwest Ohio. At this moment, I am looking at black and white photo of myself. I’m a hairy, yellowfied 6-year old decked out in my favorite blue and read plaid shirt, holding a trophy I won because I could write in cursive. Continue reading

My Life in France – Julia Child

Child, Julia with Alex Prud’homme. My Life in France. Knopf. Apr. 2006. c.288p. photogs. index. ISBN 1-4000-4346-8. $25.95. COOKERY (for Library Journal)Julia Child book review

Child was a seminal figure in introducing French cuisine to Americans via her award-winning television show The French Chef. Started months before her death in 2004 and completed by her late husband’s grandnephew, this memoir captures Child’s years in France from 1948 to 1954 as a “six-foot-two-inch, thirty-six-year-old, rather loud and unserious Californian” who fell in love with la belle France. She met her husband Paul during World War II; they married in 1946. Two years later, Paul took a job in France promoting French-American relations, and his wife, wisely, went along. This work recalls her reasons for wanting to learn to cook and details the genesis of her television show. Accessible, passionate, and always touching, this is a sumptuous offering from an immortal chef, a magical woman who feasted on life and found it quite sweet—a recipe for living fully, a lesson to us. Recommended for large and medium collections.

—Steven G. Fullwood, Schomburg Ctr. Lib., New York