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Hey Philly: VEP is coming to town!

VEP logoVintage Entity Press will be in Philadelphia this weekend to celebrate Philly Black Pride on Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th. VEP will be selling books and taking in a party or two.

If you don’t have

Convincing the Body by Cheryl Boyce Taylor

The Damaged Good by G. Winston James

Funny by yours truly

here’s your opportunity to purchase these wonderful books, and maybe get a chance to mingle with one of the authors (I can’t tell you who because it’s a surprise!)
Here’s a link to the Philly Black Pride site.

Dear Nappy Headed Hos

HairI am so sorry about the recent slurs against you all. Don Imus was totally out of line. The fact that he confuses you Nappy Headed Hos up with members of the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team, The Scarlet Knights, is inexcusable. Downright insulting. Those women have perms, micro-braids and can probably beat me up, and you Nappy Headed Hos have nappy heads and are of the hoe variety. Continue reading

Travis Montez – Poet, Not Reluctant

TravisTalk to me about the title of your book, Reluctant Poet.

“Reluctant Poet” was a nickname given to me by Felice Bell and Keith Roach who ran the Nuyorican Poet Café’s Friday night slam back when I was first getting into spoken word. They called me that because I had horrible anxiety around sharing my work and would like disappear from the slam scene for weeks or months at a time. Then when I decided to do a book, I procrastinated and procrastinated and procrastinated a little bit more. The manuscript sat by my bed for about two years before I self published with a different title that I can’t even remember now. Reluctant Poet describes me then. Continue reading

DeShon Gales: Art on a Sure Foot

DeShonTell me a little about your childhood.

I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything. It wasn’t the best, but, in retrospect, it made me who I am today. I had fun growing up in a big house in midtown Memphis. I was raised mostly by my mom and grandma, so the feminine influence was great in my life. My family is very crazy. Growing up in that house was like a nonstop comedy show. That’s what made the hard times easy. I thank God for having a true childhood experience because a lot of guys I know had to grow up fast. Continue reading