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BAF and CBF Announcements July 10 & 11, 2008

Be A Father to Your Child

Thursday July 10th

WBAI 99.5 FM Radio Wake Up Call will interview Steven G. Fullwood on July 10th at 8:35am about the book, Be A Father to Your Child, and his contribution to the book, “Work and Travel.”

Then later in the day…

Open forum, book-signing, and Q&A session regarding the new anthology Be a Father to Your Child: Real Talk from Black Men on Family, Love and Fatherhood (BAF). Join Filmmaker Byron Hurt; poet Mo Beasley; and playwright Shaun Neblett and Steven G. Fullwood for a BAF reading at Hue-Man Bookstore & Café located at 2319 Frederick Douglas Blvd. These writers challenge negative concepts of hip hop and black fatherhood. Discussion will be moderated by BAF’s editor, April R. Silver.


Conjuring Black Funk 

Friday July 11th

“Conversations With An Erotic Revolutionary”
Featuring Dr. Herukhuti and Steven G. Fullwood
@ Us Helping Us: People Into Living, Inc
3636 Georgia Avenue
Washington, DC

In a format popularized by Inside the Actor’s Studio, Steven G. Fullwood, founder of Vintage Entity Press and project director of the Black Gay and Lesbian Archive at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, interviews Dr. Herukhuti, author of Conjuring Black Funk: Notes on Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality, Volume I about his life as a social justice organizer and traditional/urban African shaman as well as Dr. Herukhuti’s thoughts about the world in which we currently live. The two men use excerpts from Conjuring Black Funk to illustrate Dr. Herukhuti’s ideas and the events of his complex and compelling life.

In gripping, inspiring, and enlightening dialogue, Dr. Herukhuti and Steven talk about sexuality among people of color, homophobia and heterosexism in Black communities (including among people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender), public health policy, the roles of commercialism and consumerism in the fitness industry, the spiritual basis for being sex-positive, as well as a host of other issues critical to charting a course for social justice in the 21st Century.
Join Dr. Herukhuti and Steven for an informative and entertaining reading from his groundbreaking work, followed by a brief Q&A.
Books will available at the reading.
Price $15.95

To Be Left With the Body – She’s Here!


AIDS Project Los Angeles Releases Third in Series of Publications Focused on Black Gay Men and HIV/AIDS

Los Angeles, Calif., June 24, 2008 – AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) today announced the publication of “To Be Left with the Body,” the latest in a series of publications created by and for black gay and bisexual men to explore the impact of HIV/AIDS on their lives. Co-edited by Cheryl Clarke and Steven G. Fullwood, the collection features contributions from 16 writers and poets, and a series of photographs by New York artist Artis Q.

“AIDS Project Los Angeles is committed to a robust and relevant conversation with black gay men about HIV risk,” said APLA Director of Health and Wellness Programs Vallerie D. Wagner, who wrote the book’s foreword. “We have a responsibility to take action, stand firm and stem the tide of this pandemic.”

Gathered into four sections, the essays, poems and stories of “To Be Left with the Body” pose provocative questions (“Who is the HIV/AIDS virus pushing us to become?”) and offer accounts of “bodies…at war with themselves; bodies aging, being positive, holding illiness; and seeking and finding their grace.” Throughout the book, Artis Q.’s series of seven photographs, “Me and My Shadow,” shows well-known New York City landmarks layered with an ever-present black male silhouette. Continue reading


Darrell taught me
it is better to know
than not to know
what you want
and what you don’t.

in/side and out.

with/out saddles
horses like me run wild
through 20th Century madness
used because we carry the word
slaughtered for glue.


eating your way
through shit
only guarantees
a raw tongue
and ass,
not nuptials.


he held my belly.
tickled it.
ashamed, but too tired
to suck it in, belly opted
for sunshine
this time.


All About Life & Death: A Brief, Baised Bibliography


Nothing gets me drooling like a bibliography. I loves reading them, yes I do, Porgy, just as much as I like writing them. Here are a few books for your eyes and hearts, flavored with a little owner’s history and love.

Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman, by Malidoma Patrice Some

In my top five of all time. Some’s autobiography examines, in wonderful detail, his abduction by Jesuit priests as a child only to return to his village over a decade later to face alienation unless he agrees to participate in a series of potentially dangerous initiation rituals he would have received as a teenager. Of Water and Spirit captures aspects of his initiation ritual that are simply remarkable. I turn to these stories occasionally to luxuriate in their magic and possibility. If you like a good yarn, this book will make you tremble with delight. If you love nature, there is something amazing waiting in these pages. Spirit, family, and community are key factors in this story. Best feature: Some doesn’t miss a thing: Some’s book (among his many) liberates the colonized mind. Crucial. Continue reading

Brothas on the Edge

Let’s talk sex. Let’s dare to explore sex and its permutations, ignored or rejected or vilified by the mainstream. Can we take a minute to share our desires? Tell me. How do you like it, baby?  Sh. Relax, daddy. Think pleasure. Let me tell you how I like it.

Let’s talk kink. BDSM. Think pain. I love to wrestle. Group scenes. Parks, airports. Anywhere I’m not supposed to. Some suspense. I can chase you, if you want. Hold you down. Not let you up. Even when you ask. It hurts so good, so, so good. Slap you. Pinch your nipples. Make em vibrate with pain. What you like? How about if I choke you? Would you like that? Tell me. We can play like we never did it before and that your lover’s in the other room. He can watch, if you want. I like it dark. Very. Now, you tell me how you like it.

Let’s talk race. Let’s talk to black men who walk the edges. A ground-breaking sexologist and priest. An adult star turned  business man – a purveyor of pornography. An award-winning graphic artist and erotic politician. A visionary leatherman of letters. These men can describe those edges, and describe how they got there. They can also tell you how to get there.
Do you want to go? Continue reading

Sweat ’07 – Calendar of Events

Ty Lat

To mark the five year anniversary, Pride in the City (NYC’s Black Pride Weekend) sets NYC on fire with SWEAT! in the City, the first ever Black Leather Pride celebration!  Here’s a listing of all the hot happenings!!!

WED / 8.1
Will Clark’s Porno Bingo
9th Avenue Bistro
693 9th Avenue (btw 47 & 48) I NYC

Meet the Men of FUNK! and play to win hot porn and other naughty prizes! Instigator model and special guest FUNKster FOXX will be on hand and if you’re lucky you just may get your hands on some “furry treats”! A night of fun, frolic, Foxx, and FUNK! All proceeds benefit Safer+Saner! For more info, contact; FREE Continue reading