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BAF and CBF Announcements July 10 & 11, 2008

Be A Father to Your Child

Thursday July 10th

WBAI 99.5 FM Radio Wake Up Call will interview Steven G. Fullwood on July 10th at 8:35am about the book, Be A Father to Your Child, and his contribution to the book, “Work and Travel.”

Then later in the day…

Open forum, book-signing, and Q&A session regarding the new anthology Be a Father to Your Child: Real Talk from Black Men on Family, Love and Fatherhood (BAF). Join Filmmaker Byron Hurt; poet Mo Beasley; and playwright Shaun Neblett and Steven G. Fullwood for a BAF reading at Hue-Man Bookstore & Café located at 2319 Frederick Douglas Blvd. These writers challenge negative concepts of hip hop and black fatherhood. Discussion will be moderated by BAF’s editor, April R. Silver.


Conjuring Black Funk 

Friday July 11th

“Conversations With An Erotic Revolutionary”
Featuring Dr. Herukhuti and Steven G. Fullwood
@ Us Helping Us: People Into Living, Inc
3636 Georgia Avenue
Washington, DC

In a format popularized by Inside the Actor’s Studio, Steven G. Fullwood, founder of Vintage Entity Press and project director of the Black Gay and Lesbian Archive at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, interviews Dr. Herukhuti, author of Conjuring Black Funk: Notes on Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality, Volume I about his life as a social justice organizer and traditional/urban African shaman as well as Dr. Herukhuti’s thoughts about the world in which we currently live. The two men use excerpts from Conjuring Black Funk to illustrate Dr. Herukhuti’s ideas and the events of his complex and compelling life.

In gripping, inspiring, and enlightening dialogue, Dr. Herukhuti and Steven talk about sexuality among people of color, homophobia and heterosexism in Black communities (including among people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender), public health policy, the roles of commercialism and consumerism in the fitness industry, the spiritual basis for being sex-positive, as well as a host of other issues critical to charting a course for social justice in the 21st Century.
Join Dr. Herukhuti and Steven for an informative and entertaining reading from his groundbreaking work, followed by a brief Q&A.
Books will available at the reading.
Price $15.95

Head’s Up:Readings, Presentations, Tours, and News Items March 08

lisa C and stevie GTrue Colors Conference
Friday & Saturday March 14 & 15, 2008
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

True Colors works to create a world where youth, adults and families of all sexual orientations and gender identities are valued and affirmed. We challenge all forms of oppression through education, training, advocacy, youth leadership development, mentoring and direct services to youth and those responsible for their well-being.

Carry the Word: Encouraging Literacy in LGBTQ Youth of Color. Steven G. Fullwood and Lisa C. Moore will discuss their collaboration on Carry the Word: A Bibliography of Black LGBTQ Books, a seminal reference work that features over 600 titles, as well as interviews and articles about black LGBTQ authors. The book is an integral part of a literacy project of Fire & Ink, Inc., an advocacy organization for LGBTQ writers of African descent. This workshop will provide ways to increase literacy, identity and self-awareness among LGBTQ youth of color through literature.

Lisa C. Moore, co-editor of Spirited: Affirming the Soul and Black Gay/Lesbian Identity, will read selections from her work and discuss the editing journey through the minefield of religion and sexuality as it pertains to black gays and lesbians. The sacred narratives in Spirited address the question of how we, as same-gender loving black people, affirm ourselves as sexual and spiritual. Contributor Steven G. Fullwood will read excerpts from his essay, “I Hate God,” and other submissions to the book.

Other folks scheduled to appear at the event include Kai Wright and Hanifah Walidah.

For more information, go to

Photo credit: Donald Andrew Agarrat, 2007.

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Glorious Outpourings, Elspeth and The Couch of Life!

me, jay & ajamu Friday 22 Feb @ 10:30am. Drag myself from the pallet on the floor, shower, shave, and anticipate my day. Found my way to Canarby Street, and there she was: Elspeth kydd (yes, lower case “k”) documentary filmmaker, academic, and serious homeslice.

I met Elspeth years ago in Toledo at a screening of “Tongues Untied” (which is now out on DVD. Go here!) at the University of Toledo. A funnier woman you will never find.

Photo: me, Jay Bernard & Dirg Aab-Richards

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London: Notes

stevie at gay's the wordWednesday 20 Feb, 11:20pm.

Made it to London. Quick trip. A little over six hours. More than enough time to flip through a few manuscripts submitted to the press, and thumb through The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Good stuff. When I look up from my work, the plane is making a soft landing at Heathrow.

While crossing the Atlantic, I also considered my itinerary while in London. Three nights, three major gigs – in a row. Plenty of time to be on. And while I love my work and I love people, when I finish a talk or presentation, all I want is a meal and a soft pillow. Not surprisingly, this trip offered little food or sleep. But what I got in return more than made up for the lack of nutrition and yawning. Continue reading

Essence Literary Awards: My Take

essenceI can’t lie: I went to mock and heckle to my heart’s content. I was possessed of visions of literary snobs acting like their books don’t stink. Surprisingly, I mocked and heckled very little that evening. I was actually moved. Not once, but a few times when I sat back and thought about the three hours I spent at the first Essence Literary Awards.

Me: black suit (yes, my one and only suit purchased eons ago) and a hot red shirt. Shaved my head and was quite the shiny yellow guy. Mr. Mustard-ketchup on this hot dog. You would have tried to eat me.  Continue reading