My precious son

andreWhat I didn’t imagine was his head.

Today it is more football-shaped than the round, brown ball that had defined his look during his formative years. But there it was, that beautiful head with large eyes looking back at me from across the lunch table, smiling, laughing, quite happy to see me. The feeling was mutual.

Last weekend I was in Los Angeles breaking bread with my godson Andre and his girlfriend, Naoimi, and I sat wondering both of their just-got-started lives. Both are children of artists, creations of their own who create independent of their parents’ wants or desires.

The nerve .

Here are a few available facts about this twosome. He is the child of writers, she the child of musicians. He acts, she sings. They are both nuts. Together they’ve crafted a tune at 3600 rpm. I can’t dance to it (nor should I) but I recall similar love songs and how they move me even now. I watch and consider their young dancing, its jerky flow, staccato rhythm and warm throb. We all know that love songs by definition are changelings; what’s next is anybody’s guess. So it’s interesting to sit and listen and taste their radical song with its soft emotion crust and sweet burnt edges. Please send them light and compassion. They’re going to need it.

He’s 22, and his optimism is infectious. As we joke I can’t help but be curious about how he’s slaying his dragons, or if he’s simply tucking them away to battle later. Or to forget totally. You see, at times he can be irresponsible. And the bum’s got to work on being more reliable, that’s for sure. But what I am clear about is that Andre D. Rice is the most perfect thing ever and the nicest person on Earth. He gets both qualities from his mom.

Recently he sat for head shots and I have posted one here and several on my Flickr site.

Andre made it out of cute and into handsome, but has always been a charming chap and can talk up most anyone. He gets all that from me.

Toni Morrison once said that it was good thing when your children come back to you. This past weekend Andre came back and brought me this intuitive, creative, most hilarious man. I hope whatever love and support I can offer will help him stay in that rarefied space for just that much longer.

You see, he gets me forever.

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