With Artis at Republic in Union Square after Cheryl’s book launch party on Saturday at the Bowery Poetry Club. I had Pad Thai – delicioso! Photo by the fabulous Phillipe Paul.

In the past week alone several folks (who I know and love) told me that they read my blog. Two of them said they do it regularly. I thought, wow, really? Despite the fact that I rarely blog anymore it occurred to me that maybe I could/should post more often. You know, give these kind, but obviously entertainment-challenged souls, something to nibble on while I continue indulging my glamorous life as a publisher, writer, librarian, and socialite at wild parties, exciting book signings and week nights hanging out with all of my “Girlfriends” on UPN.

Last month I…

Published a book, but not by me. Convincing the Body is one of my favorite books, written by one of my favorite people, Cheryl Boyce Taylor, and you should buy a copy today. Go, go! It’s available online at

Took/taking swimmning lessons with my friend Artis, and I am not dead! I swim in my dreams and now I seek to bridge the gap in my waking life. It is not going to happen overnight, despite my excitement and sexy green swimming trunks.

Reunited with Rachel, a hometown friend who I love like breathing. I’ve always enjoyed her matter-of-fact way of being in this world that’s all about enjoying it and not oppressing others with knowledge. Rachel is beautiful and witty, and she reads, reads, reads! She just turned me on to Tananaverie Due. I am so glad she’s back in my life.

Was visited my best friend Carla and her hubby Alem, and it reminded me about how fortunate I am to have such a woman in my life. She’s an amazing thinker and a great storyteller, and has no problem with acting like a fool in public. I like this in a person. And it doesn’t hurt that Alem is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don’t know a more balanced man.

Finished “The Year of Magical Thinking” by Joan Didion. It is a lovely painful memoir. Didion recounts her experience of losing her husband in December 2003, and almost losing her daughter, who, at the time, was in a coma. This book is helping me to think through a writing project currently in progress.

Lost a peer, LeRoy Whitfield. He was nice guy and a good writer whose insights about life and love were always a pleasure. I’ll miss him.

Imagined what my death would be like. Would it be a long-term illness? Maybe a heart attack? Shot? Mowed down by drunken driver? Its October and really, death is in the air.

Started therapy.

Won a major award. You will find out soon enough.

Learned what it means to be humbled. Friendships can survive business partnerships if, and only if, you can get your big bloated ego out of the way and focus on the project at hand.

Met Charles Nero who I like and enjoy and find hilarious. Cheryl Clarke, who I also adore, came to drop off things at the SC the other day. She and Charles hugged and really, it was one of my favorite moments of the week.

Discovered that my father is an evolved being. He recently told me that he would always be in my corner until they put him in the ground. My parents did not disown me because I’m a big old manhandler with an even bigger mouth. Few are like me.

Tried not to hate white people. White supremacy can fuck up even the nicest of days, and so I work to honor my anger and frustration without letting it turn me into the monster I could be. Still.


Published reviews of cookbooks in Library Journal. Also published an interview with Heather Hunter at Oh, and a half dozen other articles, as well.

Dined with the delicious Samiya Bashir. She’s a writer’s writer, all warm and thoughtful and living life. Read her new book, Where the Apple Falls. Very dense and extremely satisfying, you’ll be wrapped up in her work.

Woke up one Sunday morning and found Larry taking a new television, equipped with a DVD, out of a box. He bought it for me because I was too lazy and cheap to simply go out and get one. Mind you, Larry had been out the entire night before at a friend’s housewarming, and in addition to the television, he brought me eight gallons of water AND a half dozen pairs of jeans and cords. I am wearing a pair right now.

He is my love.

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